Ironman South Africa Part 2

Ironman South Africa Part 2

Here we are, 11 hours before race start! Just had my fantastic pre race day meal: pasta napolitana with some nice salty energy drink! The past 2-3 days were very good. Had some good rest, some nice little training sessions to keep the muscles focused! But the best part of all: the wind is getting a bit less heavy, which will be good for race day. On the other hand, it will be a lot lot lot hotter than the past days! No complaints, I will just give all I’ve got!

The goal is to be able to run the marathon for the full length. Finish time does not matter as long as I don’t walk! NO WALKING!!! Race starts at 06.45 local time and most likely, it will be almost dark when I will reach the finish line. Sun sets here at 18.00! So if it’s not dark! That’s perfect! U can follow me on with the race number 820!!!



Now sleepy time! Alarm sets at 03.30!!!