Ironman South Africa part 1

Ironman South Africa part 1

After a 24 hour trip from my home until the hotel here in Port Elizabeth seems quite a lot. Especially if the goal is just doing an Ironman over here on the other side of the world. However after being here for 2 days, I must say everything is perfect here. The people are very very friendly, the weather can be good (just had a very windy and rainy day, but it’s the only one for the full 9 days I’m here). The cost of living here in Port Elizabeth is pretty cheap! If I am comparing to the prices we pay in Europe when going to the Ironman in Nice or Mallorca, there is a huge difference. Not even taking Zurich into account. So people who are a bit held back concerning the cost of the flight being around 600-700 euros. Bear in mind, a cola in a very touristic place here costs 1 euro, a T-Bone steak with a drink costs a bit less then 10 euros.



What about the Ironman? Well, you can really notice that the people here are looking forward to the race, welcoming everyone… They are proud the Ironman circus comes to this town, which is really nice and not always the case in every other venue! I have done also a small part of the bike course. First 22k of the course and back. Road surface is ok, not the best but hey… I’m from Belgium and those roads are a disaster. The thing that will hurt like hell is the wind, it’s like cycling in the northern part of Belgium or in Holland where the wind can just blow wherever it wants! Tailwind is nice… Speeding up without issues… But damn that headwind! It will be 90 easy pedalling on race day and then a 90k that feels like constantly climbing a mountain! Altough no complaining nor whining!! Such a beautiful view and surrounding during that full ride! It’s really amazing! You have to remind yourself to keep cycling and not just being the tourist and look around ;-)



I want to thank the Solid team already and Koen my coach as well to prepare me to the best possibilities despite my heavy work trips to Qatar! Also the company that I work for as they helped me a lot getting here! On raceday I’ll also be the first one wearing the new racesuit of team SOLID!! maybe a small sneak peak during my next blog post :D

Sleep tight all!